​Southeast University's "Learning in Chengyuan" Series International Student Academic Salon


Phase 1 International Engineering Management (Civil Engineering)

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of international students’education in China, enhance the academic exchanges and scientific research innovation capabilities among international students, create an international atmosphere at Southeast University, and help create the "Study Abroad in Jiangsu" and "Study Abroad in Southeast University" brands, College of International Students plans to hold Southeast University's "Study in Cheng Yuan" series of international students’ academic salons.

The topic of the first academic salon is "International Engineering Management (Civil Engineering)". Professor Deng Xiaopeng from School of Civil Engineering at Southeast University will be invited to give lectures on cutting-edge and popular fields of expertise to international students at Southeast University, and provide guidance and suggestions for students who share academic achievements at the meeting.

The academic salon discussion will mainly be conducted in Chinese and English, and is scheduled to be held on November 30, 2023 (Thursday) at 14:00 pm in the conference room of Cheng Yuan in College of International Students. 2-3 students will be invited to share their academic achievements in the meeting. We also welcome international students and Chinese students from other majors to join the salon!

Event time  November 30th, 14:00-17:30

Event location Conference Room, Cheng Yuan, College of International Students, Southeast University

Event theme  International Engineering Management (Civil Engineering)

Introduction to the speaker

Deng Xiaopeng, Professor/Doctoral Supervisor, Department of Construction and Real Estate, School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University. He has led three general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and one Young Scholars Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. He has led and participated in more than 20 other types of projects, and has published over 200 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals and international conferences. He has also participated in the writing of 18 monographs, textbooks, and national standards. Received 2 Teaching Achievement Awards from Southeast University, hosted the national first-class online course "International Engineering Management", and served as a construction point for national characteristic majors in engineering management and a member of Southeast University's engineering management teaching innovation team. The main research directions include project management, risk management, safety management, international engineering management, etc. He has trained 18 international students until now.

Submission requirements

This academic salon receives unpublished or intentionally modified or optimized academic articles (in both Chinese and English) around the salon theme, including news and focus articles, viewpoints and comments, research articles, as well as patent and design achievements. After being reviewed by relevant experts, reports and exchanges will be conducted in the academic salon.

International students who are interested in sharing academic achievements should register for submission through the academic-activity email address of the Academic Affairs Office of the College of International Students. We will inform you before November 24, 2023 whether you have been selected for the report.

Submitted to  All current master's and doctoral students studying abroad in China of SEU.

Submission deadlineNovember 22, 2023

The scope of submission: civil engineering and management directions including project management, risk management, comprehensive management, sustainable construction, international engineering management, real estate and housing security, etc.

Submission email:  103009320@seu.edu.cn