If you are a student taught in Chinese and your Chinese level (HSK) is below the requirement of your program , you should study Chinese for a period of time (you can refer to your admission notice or Academic Affairs Office). You need to go to Chinese Center (RM201) for the timetable of Chinese courses and take the ChinesePlacement Test before you start your Chinese Course around the beginning ofSeptember.

After you finish your Chinese study and reach the required Chinese level (takes about1 year generally), or your admission notice mentions you can start the major courses directly, you need to contact Academic Affairs Office (RM403 of CIS Building ,Tel83792663)for your educational program and then select your courses online around 1-2 weeks before the new semester starts underthe help of your advisor or tutors.

linkfor undergraduates: http://xk.urp.seu.edu.cn/studentService/system/showLogin.action;

linkfor graduate students:

The Campus ID Card number is different from your student number which is used for logging. Please confirm your student number and password with RM403.