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Step1:Documents Preparation

You are on the threshold of SEU the time you have received the Admission Notification and JW202/201 from CIS, SEU, which means that you are going to study at Nanjing for a couple of months or years.Please prepare the following documents needed during registration.

1. Passport and X visa (origin &copy):

Go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country for visa application to China with valid passport, Admission Notification and JW202/201

Students should hold the ordinary passport and X visa before register.

Some of your parents may be working for the government so you may hold the special passport ,service passport , W visa or whatever. Please change the type of your passport to ordinary one from your embassy and your visa to X type.

It is improper for a foreign student to stay without X visa in SEU and China.

exception:Some of the Exchange Students may hold F visa.

2. Admission letter and JW form (origin &copy):

3. Bring 10 plus passport-size photos

4. Highest diploma

5. Insurance certificate (exchange student only):If you are exchange student,please make sure you have bought the health insurance for your study in SEU. Prepare the original and the copy of the insurance document and hand in them when registraiting in Int'l Office. For other types of students, health insurance fee is already included in the tuition or scholarship.

6. Down Load ,fill out the New Student Registration Form.docand email it with your electronic ID photo to