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Ph.D Degree

Doctoral Degree (3-4 Years)/Senior Advanced Student (1year)



School of Architecture


Urban Planning & Design

Landscape Architecture

College of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Mechanical Engineering(Industrial Design)

Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering of Manufacturing)

School of Energy & Environment

Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics

Engineering of Heating, Gas, Ventilation & Air-conditioning

Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics (Energy and Environmental Engineering)

Environmental Science & Engineering

School of Information Science & Engineering

Circuits & Systems

Technology of Electromagnetism & Microwaves 

Information & Communication Engineering

Information & Communication Engineering(Information Security)

College of Civil Engineering

Solid Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

Civil Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering & Management)

Management Science and Engineering

College of Electronic Science & Engineering

Optical Engineering

Physical Electronics

Circuits & Systems

Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

Dept. of Mathematics



School of Automation

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment 

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

School of Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Technology

Software Engineering

Dept. of Physics


School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering

Biological & Medical Engineering

School of Material Science and Engineering

Material Science & Engineering

Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering Materials)

School of Economics & Management

Regional Economics


Industrial Economics

International Trade

System Engineering

Management Science & Engineering

Management Science & Engineering (Financial Engineering)

School of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Materials Physics & Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Technology

School of Transportation

Geotechnical Engineering

Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Traffic Engineering 

Traffic Engineering (Transportation Surveying and Information Technology)

Traffic Engineering (Traffic Underground Engineering)

School of Instrument Science & Engineering

Instrumental Science & Technology

Navigation, Guidance and Control

Law School

Basic Theories of Marxism

Education in Ideology and Politics

Institute of Information Science and Technology


School of Public Health

Epidemiology and Health Statistics

Occupational and Environmental Health 

Nutrition and Food Hygiene

Hygiene Toxicology

Medical School


Internal Medicine



Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics


Obstetrics and Gynecology


School of Humanities

Chinese Philosophy

Foreign Philosophies


Philosophy of Science and Technology

School of Arts

Art Theory

Research Center for Learning Science

Biological & Medical Engineering (Science of Learning)

Biological & Medical Engineering(Neural Engineering)

School of Integrated circuit

Electrical Engineering & Technology(Integrate Circuit Design)