1.Hospitals in Nanjing

SEU Hospitals:

There are SEU hospitals on each campus. University hospital on Jiulonghu campus is located at the north corner of our campus. When you decide to go there. please take your Campus ID card.


Zhongda Hospital (中大医院)

Zhongda Hospital is the affiliated hospital of Southeast University. It is a first-class hospital which is located on Dingjiaqiao campus.


Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (鼓楼医院)

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (Nanjing Gulou Yi Yuan),is the affiliated hospital of the Medical School of Nanjing University, is one of the earliest western medical hospitals in China. It is located at 321 Zhongshan Road (中山路321号).


Nanjing First Hospital (南京市第一医院)

Nanjing First Hospital is a first-class hospital which is affiliated to Nanjing Medical University. It located at 68 Changle Road(长乐路68号).


Nanjing Governmental Hospital (南京市委机关医院)

Nanjing Governmental Hospital is a second-class hospital. It is located at 116 Chengxian Street(成贤街116号),near the East Gate of SPL campus.


2. Appointed Hospitals of Insurance Company

You should go to appointed hospital to get medical service.

Zhongda Hospital 中大医院

Jiangsu Province Hospital 江苏省人民医院

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital 南京市鼓楼医院

Jiangsu Province Hospital for TCM 江苏省中医院

Nanjing First Hospital 南京市第一医院

Nanjing Emergency Treatment Center 南京市急救中心

Jiangsu Cancer Hospital 江苏省肿瘤医院

3.Payment of Insurance Fee

CSC pays for eachCSC students’ insurance fee. SEU buys the basic medical insurance for SEU scholarship students. Other students should pay 800 yuan per year for health insurance at Beijing Ping’an Company (北京平安保险)andit’s compulsory.

4. Insurance Claims Process

Fors erious disease, please inform the teachers/ dorm managers/ insurance company first before you go to hospital! You must pay attention and submit the name of the hospital ,the disease you are suffering, your Registration Number ofin-hospital treatment, the number of your bed, and the name and phone number ofyourphysician in charge.

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Insurance Claims Process

  1. 门诊理赔Medical treatment foroutpatient and emergency (email:lp@lhgj.net

Please mail all thefollowing document to the Beijing Ping An Endowment Insurance Co.,Ltd

A护照及签证复印件Copy of passport andvisa page of the Insured

B国税发票及费用清单,发票姓名与护照完全一致Originalof receipt(Your name on receipt should be the same withyour passport)and detailed expenditure sheet

C病例(与发票日期一致)、诊断证明、化验单、检查报告复印件等Medical record(same date with receipt), and copy of examination report and laboratory test report of eachrespective treatment

D理赔申请Claim application formfrom International Students‘ Office(RM302)

E意外伤害证明/交警事故认定书Certificate of accident with signature/CIS’s stamp(when/where /how,ect.)in case of an accident, (in case of traffic accident, the traffic unit should issue aliability confirmation of traffic accident)

F银行开户信息单Your bank accountinformation sheet with your signature

  1. 大病垫付及理赔Major accidentinjuries or inpatient service

Adirectly 4008105119 formedical consultation due to disease or accident and apply for advanced paymentof medical expense .

Be-mail or fax the scan of your passport andvisa page to cyry@lhgj.net(fax:010-58766773)

Ce-mai or fax power of attorney of payment (getfrom CIS) to cyry@lhgj.net(fax:010-58766773)

Document to be presented for settlement ofclaims

A护照及签证复印件Copy of passport andvisa page of the Insured

B意外伤害证明/交警事故认定书Certificate of accident(when/where /how,ect.)with signature/CIS’s stamp in case of an accident, (in case of traffic accident, the traffic unit should issue aliability confirmation of traffic accident)

C国税发票及费用清单,发票姓名与护照完全一致Originalof receipt (Your name on receipt should be the samewith your passport)and detailed expenditure sheet forhospitalization

D病例、诊断证明、化验单、检查报告复印件等Medicalrecord, copy of examination report and laboratory test report of eachrespective treatment

E出院小结复印件Copy of hospitaldischarge summary or medical record of hospitalization

F理赔申请Claim application formfrom International Students‘ Office(RM302)

G残疾证明Disability certificatewhen the Insured is disabled (an evaluation report shall be issued by theassigned evaluation body)

H银行开户信息单The beneficiaries‘ bank account information sheet with signature/ school-assigned bankaccount with school stamp(RM302)

I受益人与被保险人关系证明Certificate of relationship between theInsured and all the beneficiaries, and copy of identification proof of thebeneficiaries

(Specific content please dial 4008105119 transfer 1 )


Please mail the abovedocument to the following address!

Materials for claimsof settlement sent to:北京市西城区金融街23号平安大厦9层(邮编Postcode100033)


Tel:400 810 5119

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Chinese explanation prevails in case ofcontradiction arising out of the aforementioned contents.