• Elaborate Course: Advanced Bridge Engineering

ElaborateCourse: Advanced Bridge Engineering


Department of Bridge Engineering,School ofTransportation, Southeast University

Advanced Bridge Engineering (3 CreditPoints)

Spring 2018

Instructor:   Dr. Wen Xiong, P.E., M.ASCE, Associate Professor

                    Office: Room 715, School ofTransportation(Transportation Hall)

                    Phone: 13913026472, E-mail: wxiong@seu.edu.cn

                    Dr. Xiaodong Song, Assistant Professor

                    Dr. Ming Yang, Associate Professor

                    CourseWeb Site:

                    OfficeHours: Open door policy or byappointment

Prerequisite:Graduate standing

Course Information:

This course will focus on the recentadvancement in bridge engineering in terms of structure, design, construction, transportation,and performance, includingboth practice and research aspects. While some theoretical background behindthe design codes will be explained, the step-by-step applications of the designcodes will not be emphasized in this graduate level course. Instead, the bridgeperformance, general bridge design and analysis procedure, state-of-the-art inbridge research and application, andcomplicated bridge systems will be discussed.

* Each student will be expected to lead discussions ofselected topics. 

* Active discussion and interaction are expected.

Student OutcomeObjectives:

  1. Understand the general picture of bridge engineering.

  2. Understand complicated bridge system performance.

  3. Understand the general procedures of bridge performance evaluation including the superstructure and     substructure.

  4. Understand     the analysis for design of complicated structure system.

  5. Develop fundamental skills in bridge research.

  6. Understand state-of-the-art of bridge engineering


  1. Homework will be mainly literature reading and discussion preparation. Each student will be expected to lead discussions     of selected topics. 

  2. Mid-term and final examinations.

  3. Presentation and individual report of  a special research topic is required.

ContinualImprovement Methods:

  1. At any time, students are welcome to give their opinions and suggestions directly to the instructor to improve the teaching. To your benefit, do not wait to the end of the semester to do so.


1.BridgeEngineering Handbook by W.F. Chen and L. Duan, CRC Press

2.Design of Modern Highway Bridge by Narendra Taly, McGraw-Hill.

3.Design of Highway Bridges, Richard M. Barker and Jay A. Puckett, Wiley.


A+ = 97 -100, A = 94 -96, A- = 90 -93, B+ =87 -89, B = 84 -86, B- = 80 -83, C+ = 77 -79, C = 74 -76, C- = 70 -73, D+ = 67-69, D = 64 -66, D- = 60 -63, F = 59 and below.

Mid-term and Final, 20% each;   Homework and/or report, 20%;Classroom Presentation and Discussion, 40%.