Elaborate Course: Environmental Health


I. Course Introduction (including teaching goals and requirements) within 300 words:

Environmental Health is a characteristic curriculum which belong to the school of public health of Southeast University. The contents include: basic content of environmental hygiene, environmental toxicology, epidemiology, the environmental assessment methods and skills of water, air, soil and others. 

Orientation and goal of this course are to make the students have a comprehensive understanding in the basic contents of environmental health, in-depth knowledge of relevant environmental focus and hotspot issues, and have the basic skills of environment health.

The content of this course related to public health and preventive medicine, environmental science, chemistry and other multi-disciplinary knowledge, our teaching content is not only various but also closely to practice, and arousing the students’ learning interests.

II. Teaching Syllabus (including the content of chapters and sections. A sheet can be attached):

I Course Introduction2h

II Toxicology3h

III Epidemiology3h

IV The Workplace3h

V Indoor and Outdoor Air  3h

VI Food2h

VII Drinking water2h

VIII Solid waste  2h

IX Animals, Insecticides and Related Pests2h

X Metals2h

XI Pesticides3h

XII Monitoring2h

XIII Risk Assessment3h

XIV Discussions  2h

XV Examination 2h

III.Teaching Schedule:

WeekCourse   ContentsTeaching Method

1Course IntroductionLecture



4The WorkplaceLecture

5Indoor and Outdoor AirLecture


7Drinking waterLecture

8Solid wasteLecture

9Animals, Insecticides and Related PestsLecture




13Risk AssessmentLecture

Note: 1. Course terms: Spring, Autumn, and Spring-Autumn term. 

2. The teaching languages for courses: Chinese, English or Chinese-English.

3. Applicable range of discipline: public, first-class discipline, second-class discipline, and third-class discipline.

4. Teaching methods: lecture, seminar, practice, etc.

5. Examination for degree courses must be in paper.

6. Teaching material websites are those which have already been announced.

7. Brief introduction of chief lecturer should include: personal information (date of birth, gender, degree achieved, professional title), research direction, teaching and research achievements. (within 100-500 words)

Li Xiaobo, female, PhD. was born in 1979. Dr. Li is an Associated-Professor and Master advisor in department of Environmental health, School of Public Health, Southeast University. In 2005 and 2008, as a visiting scholar she focused on the neurotoxicology related to the nano particles in the Institute of Brain Research, Tuebingen University in Germany. Dr. Li has been engaging in research and teaching on environmental health and toxicology. She has undertaken 3 scientific research projects from national and provincial sources, and published more than 20 academic papers in international journals.