• Elaborate Course: Road Traffic Safety

ElaborateCourse: Road Traffic Safety


I. CourseIntroduction:

The course isopen to undergraduate students at the School of Transportation at the SoutheastUniversity. The primary goal of the course is to help studentsgain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and analytical methodsof road traffic safety. The course is taught in English. Through the course thestudents are expected to:

1.The capability tosolve practical engineering problem related with traffic safety using theknowledge in this course

2.The capability to conduct research independently inthe area of traffic safety

3.The capability to make technical presentation in English;and

4.The English technical writing skills

II. Teaching Syllabus:

2  Credit,32Credit hours


Basic Concepts  Relating to Traffic Safety(6 credit hours)

①Differences  between subjective and objective safety

②Definition  of Safety

③Human-vehicle-road/environment  and traffic crash

④Traffic  crash data investigation and crash database

⑤Characteristics  of traffic crash data

⑥Traffic  safety estimation and evaluation


Basic Knowledge  of Statistics for Traffic Safety Analysis(6 credit hours)

①Point  estimation and its application

②Interval  estimation and its application

③Graphical  description of the data

④Commonly  used probability distributions for traffic safety analysis

⑤Commonly  used hypothesis testing and its application

⑥Non-parametric  statistics and their applications

⑦Case analysis 1:Using SPSS to Process Traffic Safety  Data


Before-After  Study and Traffic Safety Analysis(6 credit hours)

①The  basic concepts of observational science and its differences from experimental  science

②The  basic concepts and assumptions of the Before-After  Study

③Naive before-after  study and its application

④Deterministic  and non-deterministic factors in the before-after study

⑤Before-after  study based on control group and its application

⑥Before-after  study based on empirical Bayesian method and its application


Traffic Crash  Modeling(6credit hours)

①Traffic  Crash Model and Its Application

②Traffic  Crash Modeling Tasks and General Processes

③Linear  regression model

④Generalized  linear regression model

⑤Development  and Prospect of Traffic Crash Model

⑥Case analysis 2:Before-After Study andTraffic Crash  Modeling


Traffic Safety  Analysis Method Based on Surrogate Safety Measure(4 credit hours)

①The  effectiveness and reliability of surrogate safety measures

②Intersection  traffic conflict technology

③Other  traffic safety indirect evaluation indicators

④Generalized  linear regression model

⑤Traffic  conflict simulation technology

⑥Case analysis 3:Traffic conflict simulation based on  VISSIM and SSAM


Traffic Safety  Management(4 credit hours)

①General  procedure of traffic safety management

②Roadway  black point identification method

③Network  screening

④Traffic  safety planning and development

III. Teaching Schedule:


Course Contents


Fundamentals of Road  Traffic Safety


Factors  Contributing to Road Accidents/Road Safety Policy Making


Fundamental  Statistics in Safety Analysis I


Fundamental  Statistics in Safety Analysis II


Course Discussion


Observational  Before and After Study I


Observational  Before and After Study II


Course Discussion


Crash Modeling  Techniques I


Crash Modeling  Techniques II


Course Discussion


Surrogate Safety  Measures


Traffic Conflicts  Technique in Safety Assessment


Course  Discussion


Road Safety Management I


Road Safety Management II


Final Exam


Presentation of Term Paper