I. Course Introduction

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Systemic Pathology covers the morphologic features in variousdiseases. It principally explains the etiology, pathogenesis, pathologicalchanges, and clinicopathological relationship in combination with the cases. Ithelps students in medicine-related majors review pathological theory andimprove professional English, while provides the public with rich onlineeducational resources of popular medical science in the meantime.

II. Teaching Syllabus

01 Overview of systemic pathology, Cardiovascular system diseases (1)

1.1 Overview of systemic pathology

1.2 Hypertension

1.3 Atherosclerosis

1.4 Coronary artery diseases

02 Cardiovascular system diseases (2)

2.1 Rheumatic heart disease

2.2 Infective endocarditis

2.3 Valvular heart diseases

03 Respiratory system diseases

3.1 PneumoniaⅠ

3.2 PneumoniaⅡ

3.3 Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema

3.4 Bronchiectasis, Silicosis and Chronic cor pulmonale

3.5 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and Lung Cancer

04 Digestive system diseases (1)

4.1 Gastritis

4.2 Peptic ulcer diseases

4.3 Carcinoma of digestive tract

05 Digestive system diseases (2)

5.1 Viral hepatitis

5.2 Cirrhosis

5.3 Alcoholic liver disease and Hepatocellular carcinoma

06 Urinary system diseases

6.1 Overview of glomerular diseases

6.2 Glomerular Diseases

6.3 Glomerular Diseases and Pyelonephritis

6.4 Kidney Cancer and Bladder cancer

07 Genital system diseases

7.1 Cervical diseases

7.2 Ovary tumors and Breast cancer

7.3 Gestational trophoblastic diseases

7.4 Benign prostatic hyperplasia and Carcinoma of the prostate

08 Endocrine system diseases and Nervous system diseases

8.1 Thyroid diseases and Diabetes mellitus

8.2 Bacterial meningitis and Viral meningitis

8.3 Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease

09 Infectious diseases

9.1 Overview of Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis

9.2 Pulmonary tuberculosis

9.3 Typhoid fever and Bacillary dysentery

9.4 Syphilis and AIDS

9.5 Amoebiasis and Schistosomiasis


In each online course cycle, we update 3-5 videos and one quizevery week. The final score consists of two parts: 50% for the unit quizzes,and 50% for the final exam. All the questions are objective items. Each videois 8-15 minutes. Students can discuss with the teachers and exchange ideas withclassmates over topics in discussion board.