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Language Program and Undergraduate's Programs

Welcome to apply for Language Program and Undergraduate's Programs at Southeast University! All of them are self-financed and no Scholarship is available for the applicants at the enrollment time.

Application Period for Language Program: Spring Semester: Sep.1-Dec.30; Autumn Semester: Mar.1-Jun.30

Application Period for Undergraduate's Programs: Mar.1-Jun.30

Application Procedure:

1. Complete the online system http://fs.seu.edu.cn/member/login.do and wait for the response.

2. The applicants informed and admited by admission email must pay the fees within the time required.

Application for Scholarships after admission:

1. Jiangsu Provincial Government/Jasmine Scholarship: Please visit http://cis.seu.edu.cn/14008/list.htm;

2. Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship: Please visit http://cis.seu.edu.cn/14009/list.htm

Postgraduate Programs 

Welcome to apply for postgraduate programs at Southeast University!

Application Materials (Please prepare in the following order)

1. SEU application form ( After applying onthe SEU Online Application System http://fs.seu.edu.cn/member/login.do  download the application form and sign your name);

2. A copy of Passport ( If you're currently in china, please provide the first page and the VISA/resident permit page of your passport);

3.Physical Examination Record of Foreigners(Please download the example from the college website);

4.Certificate of Highest Degree (If you are to obtain the higher level of degree before this September, you may provide the official document to prove that.);

5. Official Transcript of Academic Records;

6. Offical Language Certificate (HSK 4 and above is needed for most Chinese-taught Programs,HSK5 for medical science, MTCSOL and economics.Otherwise, one-year of language learning is required to obtain the certificate;  English-taught Programs requires TOFEL 79/IELTS 5.5 if  English is not the native language or official language . )

7. 2 Recommendation Letters with signatures;

8. Research Proposal no less than 800 words;

9.Some programs may need other materitals. (E.g. Architecture programs requires the applicant's portfolio)

Application Period:

Dec. 15–May 30

Application Procedure:

1. Send us email of all this application materials: admission@seu.edu.cn. 

2. The applicants informed and admited by admission email must pay the fees within the time required.

Exchange Programs

Application Procedure: Apply to the coordinator at your home university, which is one of SEU’s partner universities.

Application Time: Spring semester: before Dec. 15; Autumn semester: before Jun.15

Required documents:

● Transcripts

●A copy of passport

● SEU Application Form for Exchange Students

                                                         Short-term Program

Please send us email for this program: admission@seu.edu.cn

Admission Office

College of International Students

Southeast University