Language Program and Undergraduate's Programs

Welcome to apply for Language Program and Undergraduate's Programs at Southeast University! All of them are self-financed and no Scholarship is available for the applicants at the enrollment time.

Application Period for Language Program: Spring Semester: Sep.1-Dec.30; Autumn Semester: Mar.1-Jul.30

Application Period for Undergraduate's Programs: Mar.1-Jul.30

Application Procedure:

1. Complete the online system and wait for the response.

2. The applicants informed and admited by admission email must pay the fees within the time required.

Application for Scholarships after admission:

1. Jiangsu Provincial Government/Jasmine Scholarship: Please visit;

2. Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship: Please visit

Postgraduate Programs 

Welcome to apply for postgraduate programs at Southeast University! If you area dmitted, you’ll have the opportunity of obtainingthe full scholarship from Chinese government or SEU president scholarship.

Application Period:

Dec. 1, 2019 – Jul. 15, 2020(Mar. 31 for CSC scholarship, Jun. 15 for SEU president scholardship)

Application Materials:

1. Passport (The valid period must be more than one year,if you're currently in china, please provide the copies of the first page and the VISA/resident permit page);

2. Certificate of Highest Degree ;

3. If you are to obtain the higher level of degree before this September, you may provide the official document to prove that;

4. Official Transcript of Academic Records;

5.HSK 4 and above is needed for most Chinese-taught Programs, HSK5 for medical, MTCSOL and economics. Otherwise, one-year of language learning is required to obtain the certificate; 

6. If English is not the native language or official language, you are required to provide TOEFL80/IELTS 6.0 for English-taught program;

7. 2 Recommendation Letters;

8. Research Proposal no less than 800 words;

9. PhysicalExamination Record of Foreigners;

10.Certificate of No Criminal Conviction;

11. Some programs may need other materials. (E.g. Architecture programs asks for theapplicant’s portfolio)

Application Procedure:

1.Apply on the SEU online application system, pay the application fee of RMB400;(

2.If you want to apply for CSC scholcarship, please also apply on the CSC online application system

(The application code of Southeast University / the agency number is 10286, the program type is B);

3. Notificationof accepted applicants will be announced on our college website by the end of July, 2020.


1. Please ensure the authenticity of your application materials. If any untruthful content is found in the application materials, you will be disqualified and can not apply to Southeast University again within 2 years;

2. The application documents must be in Chinese or English.Any documents in any other languages must be attached with a notarized English or Chinese translation;

3. Acceptance letter from professoris not the document requested, but it will make your application more competitive. Information of supervisors can be found by

4. Please be sure the address you write on the application system is correct, if you're admitted, all the admission documents will be posted to this address;

5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tel: 0086-25-83793022;0086-25-83792797


Exchange Programs

Application Procedure: Apply to the coordinator at your home university, which is one of SEU’s partner universities.

Application Time: Spring semester: before Dec. 15; Autumn semester: before Jun.15

Required documents:

● Transcripts

●A copy of passport

● SEU Application Form for Exchange Students

                                                         Short-term Program

Please send us email for this program:

Admission Office

College of International Students

Southeast University