All students need to open an account in the Bank of China and register the card number to Int’l Students Office. This card isused for every kind of scholarship & refunding from SEU.  You can check your bank account and change the password at ATM.

Don’t change your BOC card’s account. If you lose it you can report the loss at the bank and get a new one with the same account. If you get a new account and cancel the old one, the connection of your BOC card and ID cardwill be invalid and you will not get scholarship / refund /allowance from SEU on time.

Bank of China BOC

ServiceHotline : 95566(you can choose English language service)


Jiulonghu Campus: 1st floor of JuYuan(橘园)Canteen

Dingjiaqiao Campus: 1st floor of thebuilding next to East Campus Gate


(1)BOC Nanjing headquarter : take themetro to Xinjiekou (新街口)and walk east to 105 EastZhongshan Road(中山东路105号),some service would ONLY be provided here (e.g,if you lost your card, or left your card in the ATM…).

(2)the nearest to Sipailou Campus: 185 ZhujiangRoad(珠江路185号)

(3)Jiulonghu Campus: 1stfloor of Undergraduate Teaching Building No.1

(4)the nearest to Dingjiaqiao Campus:209Hunan Road(湖南路209号)