Dear students,  

Greetings to all!

In order to create a safe campus environment under the current COVID-19 crisis, we are intending to maintain a timely information of your health condition and also to avoid a potential epidemic risk. Therefore, the university has developed a daily health report system. According to the university latest regulation, all students must report their health condition before 4:00PM everyday. Lack of completion of this daily report may affect the entering and leaving campus when the new semester starts.  

The address of the daily report is:*default/

Both cell phone or computer can open this site.

The user name will be your student card number, the password will be your personal pin of the university online system.  

After logging on the site, you will see the page blow. Follow the arrow shows, you should complete the first step of “personal basic information”, then complete the second step of “daily health report”.

You will only need to complete the first step once, after that, you must redo the second step daily.  

If there is any problem occurring during your use of this system, do not be hesitated to contact your dorm manager or directly to us via wechat group, or email to, or telephone to 0086-25-83792797 during our working time.  

Thank you for your cooperation! Wish you all stay healthy and reach a greater achievement on your study!

Southeast University College of International Students

March 21, 2020